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Invited Guest - Thursday-Friday, August 21-22


The Museum of Ojibwa Culture
500 N. State Street
St. Ignace, Michigan 49781


Carl has been invited to participate in the museum's History Week in conjunction with his novella Anung's Journey, an ancient Ojibway legend as told by Steve Fobister (an Ojibway Elder). He will do a reading and tell stories throughout the day. He will also participate in a drum making workshop led by an Ojibwa elder and will attend a dance presentation led by a young Ojibway. These are activities that tie directly to Anung, the young hero of the legend. The Museum of Ojibwa Culture is located at the center of the Ojibway universe, and Carl is thrilled to be participating. He hopes you'll attend, too!

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Visiting Associate Professor at Duke Celebrates Release of Debut Novel

The 53rd Parallel by Carl Nordgren

Durham, NC––Light Messages Publishing is proud to announce the release of The 53rd Parallel (River of Lakes, Book One) by Carl Nordgren. In this evocative debut novel spanning mid-century Ireland and Canada, Nordgren weaves an ambitious tale about the power of dreams, the hope of new beginnings, and the dangers of ghosts who haunt our past.

In The 53rd Parallel, Brian Burke emigrates from 1950s West Ireland to the wilderness of Northwest Ontario with his partner Maureen O'Toole. He's been exiled from his village, and she is running from her IRA past. The dreams of an Ojibway clan elder bring the Irish to the sacred place on the River, where they build The Great Lodge of Innish Cove. The dreams tell of a white man who will destroy the River and another who will protect it. While the Ojibway believe Brian and Maureen are the River's guardians, Maureen's IRA connections and the construction of a pulp mill upstream threaten to destroy the newly created Eden before it even begins.

Under the watchful eye of a warrior spirit, the clan and their Irish companions risk all they love to protect the River and the promises it holds for their future. The fates of the two groups will intertwine as both seek to ward off the encroachment of the modern world.

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A Sinner in Paradise Named a Benjamin Franklin Awards 2014 Finalist


Durham, NC, April 30, 2014 — The Independent Book Publisher’s Association Benjamin Franklin Awards, regarded as one of the highest national honors for independent publishers, has named A Sinner in Paradise by Deborah Hining (Light Messages Publishing, August 2013) as finalist for Best Cover Design – Fiction. The book, which was Ms. Hining’s debut novel, is in the running for a gold medal given at an awards ceremony on May 28 at the NYU Kimmel Center's Rosenthal Pavilion in New York, NY.

            “As a growing publisher working with emerging authors, this honor is especially meaningful to us,” commented Elizabeth Turnbull, Light Messages Publishing Senior Editor. “There is stiff competition in the book industry, and it’s gratifying to know that we are putting our creative resources to good use. It has been a magical experience to watch Deborah’s book develop from a rough manuscript to a polished novel receiving national recognition.”

A Sinner in Paradiseis also a finalist for the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award in Romance. The winner will be announced during the American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas on Friday, June 27 at 6 p.m.

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Energy Expert's Novel Offers Chilling Foreshadow of Crimean Conflict


CrossingSavageCover-webApril 8 2014 – When one by one the world's leading experts on alternative energy are assassinated, a trail of deadly clues winds through DC, Moscow, and Caracas. With Russia's recent invasion of Crimea, the plot to author Dave Edlund's latest political thriller reads less like fiction and more like a chilling echo of world events. In Crossing Savage (Light Messages, March 2014), Edlund, a leading expert in alternative energy, brings readers face to face with the promise of energy independence––and its true cost.

In this edge-of-your-seat thriller, Peter Savage and his friend Jim Nicolaou race against the clock to preserve the energy secret that promises to change the landscape of the world... or start a global war. With a plot that seems ripped from today's headlines, Edlund presents the theory of abiogenic oil production and the terrifying array of consequences that accompany the pursuit of energy independence.

Dave Edlund isn't just writing from an active imagination. He's a leading expert in hydrogen energy and an inventor on 90 US Patents and more than 120 foreign patents. He has published in excess of 100 technical articles and presentations, and has been an invited author of several technical books on alternative energy. Edlund currently resides in Bend, Oregon with his wife, son, and three dogs.

In Crossing Savage Edlund applies his expertise in alternative energy to create a meticulously researched, action-packed thriller that takes readers to the heart of the Kremlin, the White House, and the Miraflores Palace.

"It should be absolutely clear to Western Governments that Russia and other major exporters of oil and gas (OPEC countries) will use this trade as a weapon––it's happened before and will happen again," Edlund says. "In the case of Russia, as long as Europe relies on Russia for oil and gas, Putin has no reason to fear military or economic reprisals."

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National magazine selects 3 Light Messages Publishing Titles in its search for the best indie books of 2013.

sinner in paradise SergeantCover01 bonnwit kabrit

Durham, NC, March 13, 2014 — Today, Foreword Reviews, the only review magazine solely dedicated to discovering new indie books, announced the finalists for its 16th Annual Book of the Year Awards. Each year, Foreword shines a light on a small group of indie authors and publishers whose groundbreaking work stands out from the crowd. Foreword's awards are more than just a shiny sticker on the front of a book; they help connect the best indie books to readers eager to discover new stories written by previously unknown authors.

Three titles by Durham-based publisher Light Messages were named finalists for the 2013 Book of the Year Awards. A Sinner in Paradise by Deborah Hining is a finalist in the Romance category. A Sergeant in the House by Betty Turnbull and Bonnwit Kabrit by Elizabeth Turnbull (Betty’s daughter) are both finalists in the Picture Book category. 

In the next two months, a panel of over 100 librarians and booksellers will determine the winners of these prestigious awards. A celebration of the winners will take place during the American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas on Friday, June 27 at 6 p.m. with awards in over 60 categories, cash prizes for the best in fiction and nonfiction, and widespread recognition.

Here is the complete list of Foreword Reviews' 2013 Book of the Year Award Finalists.

About Foreword Reviews: Foreword Reviews loves indie books and the art of great storytelling. They discover, curate, critique, and share reviews and feature articles exclusively on indie-publishing trends in their. Their website features a daily stream of reviews of indie books written by a team of professional, objective writers.

About Light Messages Publishing: We were founded in 1998 by a group of authors who believed that there had to be a better model than vanity or self-publishing for emerging authors. Today, Light Messages is a full-service general trade publisher located in Durham, NC.

For more information please contact: Elizabeth Turnbull, Senior Editor, Light Messages Publishing, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 919-886-5498.

Download the press release in pdf format.

2013 Best Sellers

At Light Messages, we might be small, but we’re good at what we do.

In 2013, over 50% of our titles hit the bestseller list at

  • Five Days of Fear by David Kovach
  • The Obsidian Dagger by Brad A. LaMar
  • Can't Buy Me Love by Summer Kinard
  • A Sinner in Paradise by Deborah Hining
  • Autobiography of a Baby Boomer by Robert Schultz
  • Janjak and Freda Go to the Iron Market by Elizabeth Turnbull

How did we do it? Certainly not alone.

  • We have a strong team and industry-leading distributors who help us get the right titles into the right hands.
  • We work hard to create attractive, compelling books that speak to readers.
  • We coach authors on how to build a strong audience.
  • We select books with quality, meaningful stories to tell. And readers are catching on!

Preview our “next bestsellers.”

A Sergeant in the House wins Stars and Flags Gold Medal

SergeantCover-AwardDURHAM, NC -- Light Messages Publishing is thrilled to announce that A Sergeant in the House by children's author Betty Turnbull has won the Stars and Flags Gold Medal in the Children's Book category.

The Stars and Flags book awards seek to honor worthy, meaningful books with content about the military. In fact, Stars and Flags is the only national contest where the book content is required to have a military connection.

A Sergeant in the House, this year's gold medal winner for children's books (early childhood) tells the story of Lenny who desperately wants a puppy. His father is in the military, the family must move frequently, and Lenny is still very young to care for an animal, so Lenny strikes a bargain: When his daddy becomes a sergeant, Lenny can have a puppy. When his father is deployed to war, Lenny learns what it means to be responsible, to care for his family, and to help around the house. A dreaded phone call brings the news that Lenny's father has been injured and is being sent home. When Lenny's father explains that this means he'll never become a sergeant, Lenny realizes that what he truly wants is his daddy--puppy or no puppy.

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Contest to Name a Character in Best-Selling Series

Light Messages Publishing and author Brad LaMar are hosting a contest for readers to name a character in The Dominion Pulse, book 3 of the Celtic Mythos series.

The Megalith Union, book 2 of the best-selling YA fantasy series, will be released October 24, 2013. The third installment is scheduled for sometime in 2014.

Normal BrownieRules for Entry:

  1. Tell Brad "Who was your favorite character from The Obsidian Dagger and why?"
  2. Read the Brad's description of the character in book 3 of the Celtic Mythos series.
  3. Give a character a name that you think is fitting. Tell Brad why you picked that name and make him want to choose it.
  4. Whoever comes up with the most awesome answer and the best fitting name will receive a signed copy of The Megalith Union (Celtic Mythos, #2) and have their suggested name chosen for the character in Book 3. PLUS... Brad will mention the winner by name in the acknowledgements of The Dominion Pulse.

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Celebrating the Release of 'A Sinner in Paradise' by Deborah Hining


Readers Fall for Local Author's A Sinner in Paradise

sinner in paradiseDURHAM, NC -- Light Messages Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of A Sinner in Paradise, an inspirational women's fiction novel by Durham-based author, Deborah Hining. Set in 1977 West Virginia, A Sinner in Paradise is a heartwarming, uproarious affair with love in all its forms.

Though Mrs. Hining has previously published financial books before retiring as a financial planner, this is her first novel. Mrs. Hining began writing A Sinner in Paradise over 20 years ago and since then the book has undergone numerous transformations before being published by Light Messages.

The novel tells the story of Geneva who, when jilted by her fiancé, watches her seemingly idyllic life suddenly fall apart. Bereft and desolate, she packs up her nine cats and leaves her home in Washington, DC, to return to her native hills of West Virginia where she plans to rest and heal from her heartbreak. When Geneva's ambition and machinations run up against rugged mountain ways, she finds herself flung from one perilous adventure and heartbreak to another. After facing illness, disaster in the wilderness, and courtships gone wrong, Geneva finally finds what she's been missing. Ultimately, Geneva realizes she must face herself before she is free to truly love and be loved.

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'Can't Buy Me Love' Hits Top 5 in Contemporary Women's Fiction at Amazon

cant buy me loveDURHAM, NC -- Yesterday, the women's fiction novel, Can't Buy Me Love (Light Messages Publishing, June 2013) by Summer Kinard hit the best seller charts at, coming in at #4 for Contemporary Women's Fiction and #12 for General Fiction, while placing in the Top 50 for paid Kindle books across all genres.

Can't Buy Me Love--which tells the story of a freegan in Durham, NC, who falls in love with a man in a scrapbook she pulls from the dumpster--was chosen as's Daily Deal for Kindle, a move the publisher is crediting for the most recent spike in rankings.

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The Obsidian Dagger Hits No 1 on Amazon Kindle

The Obsidian Dagger Hits #1 in Fantasy on Amazon Kindle

ObsidianDagger-Num1Light Messages Publishing is thrilled to announce that its recent release of The Obsidian Dagger by Brad A. LaMar has hit #1 in contemporary fantasy on Amazon Kindle. LaMar's young adult fantasy received the big boost primarily due to its feature as Amazon's daily deal on April 18, said Elizabeth Turnbull, Light Messages senior editor.

Mr. LaMar, who resides in Indianapolis, said he was nearly floored to see his book on the top of a best selling list. "It's a thrilling sensation that I will never forget," Mr. LaMar said.

Amazon deal shoppers aren't the only ones loving The Obsidian Dagger though. The book has already been met with great enthusiasm by teachers, librarians, and, especially, young readers.

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Iowa Author Garners National Attention

David-KovachWhen Ames, IA author David Kovach released his debut novel, Five Days of Fear, in November 2012, he received much acclaim from reviewers and independent booksellers. But now, Kovach's suspense novel has caught the national attention of bookselling giants and Barnes & Noble.

Five Days of Fear will be featured as one of Amazon's Hot 100 Kindle Books for the month of March. The Hot 100 is reserved for a few select titles in each genre and almost guarantees a place on the best-selling list. Throughout March, the Kindle book version of Five Days of Fear will be available for less than $3.99.

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Celebrating the Release of The Obsidian Dagger


The Obsidian Dagger (Celtic Mythos, Book One)
is now available for sale


Light Messages Publishing is excited to announce the official release of The Obsidian Dagger,book one in the new YA fantasy series, Celtic Mythos, by Brad A. LaMar.

The Indianapolis-based authorand Light Messages Publishing will be celebrating the launch of The Obsidian Dagger on Saturday, February 23 from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm at Indy Reads Books in Indianapolis, IN. Among other activities for readers, Mr. LaMar will be signing copies of The Obsidian Dagger, the first book in the new young adult fantasy series, Celtic Mythos. Guests will also have the opportunity to have their photo super-imposed on the book cover in a virtual "book cover contest."

In this exciting new release, when a mad witch with a magically crafted and frightfully powerful Obsidian Dagger threatens to obliterate humanity and overtake the magic clans of the Celtic Isles, destiny forces 17-year-old American, Brendan O’Neal, and his younger sister, Lizzie, to intervene.  Joining the desperate princess of the Leprechauns, Dorian, and her two loyal companions, Rory and Biddy, they embark on a dangerous and wondrous adventure across Ireland and Scotland to thwart the witch and save mankind.

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A new Children's Book and Special Partnership Honors Military Families

For Immediate Release

Light Messages Publishing is pleased to announce the release of A Sergeant in the House, a children's book about a little boy's wish and the sacrifices of our nation's heroes.Hope_For_The_Warriors-logo-web

In honor of our military men and women, children's author Betty Turnbull has partnered with Hope For The Warriors, agreeing to donate all of her author's royalties from A Sergeant in the House. Hope For The Warriors is an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty.

Betty's latest book, A Sergeant in the House, tells the story of Lenny who desperately wants a puppy. His father is in the military, the family must move frequently, and Lenny is still very young to care for an animal, so Lenny strikes a bargain: When his daddy becomes a sergeant, Lenny can have a puppy.

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Featured Authors

Learn more about Dave >>

Dave Edlund – Lethal Savage

DaveEdlund square

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

"I would follow Peter Savage into any firefight." –James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Demon Crown

USA Today Bestselling author Dave Edlund does not disappoint with the latest highly-anticipated Peter Savage novel. When two men conspire to reshape America in an unprecedented bioterrorism attack, Peter must gamble far more than his own life… and the odds have never been so long.

Lethal Savage is now available with your favorite retailers. Purchase your copy now.

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 Nancy Boyarsky – The Ransom


"Nicole Graves is the best fictional sleuth to come down the pike since Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone." –Laura Levine, author of the Jaine Austen Mysteries

As a newly minted private investigator, Nicole Graves expects to take on legal cases for corporate clients. But when her client’s son, Brad Rexton, is killed trying to protect his wife, Ashley, from a home invasion-turned-kidnapping, the firm is hired to investigate what will become Nicole’s most dangerous case yet.

The Ransom is now available in bookstores and with online retailers. Get your copy now.

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Rebecca Brewster Stevenson – Wait: Thoughts and Practice in Waiting on God.

rebeccastevenson2019 400

"Rebecca Brewster Stevenson's writing is consistently powerful, complex, honest, and hopeful.–Andy Crouch, author, Culture Making and The Tech-Wise Family

Rather than fostering frustration, periods of waiting might have great truths to tell us. It might show us that hope is worthwhile. Waiting might even be a gift in and of itself.

Wait: Thoughts and Practice in Waiting on God is now available from your favorite bookstores and online retailers.

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Amalie Jahn – The Next to Last Mistake

Amalie Jahn Headshot

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

"The Next to Last Mistake is a poignant and sweet story of love, loss, discovery, and the enduring bonds of friendship." Foreword Reviews

USA Today Best Selling author Amalie Jahn builds a beautiful and insightful story that helps Young Adult readers overcome racism and prejudice, and uncover the true meaning of love and friendship.

The Next to Last Mistake is now available from your favorite bookstores and online retailers.

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Linda Vigen Phillips – Behind These Hands


"a richly woven, unforgettable symphony of feelings and words" –Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

In this novel told in verse, piano prodigy 14-year-old Claire Fairchild struggles to reconcile her own musical success with the Batten disease that will claim the lives of her two younger brothers. When Claire meets a centenarian with only one regret, she knows she'll have to change, but she’s not sure she has the courage to take the next step.

Behind These Hands is now available with your favorite bookseller. Order today.


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