9781611532425Durham, NC—Of Green Stuff Woven, published by Bishop Cathleen Bascom in March, receives recognition for roots in spirituality and nature.

"Of Green Stuff Woven is a remarkable love story. Not a romance, but a narrative that roots itself within Cathleen Bascom’s spirituality and love of the prairie as well as her love of the Episcopal Church." – The Living Church

Cathleen, recently ordained as the first female bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, recently published her debut novel with Light Messages Publishing. Now that the novel is on the shelves, Of Green Stuff Woven has been endorsed by The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry—presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, The Living ChurchForeword Reviews, and several Christian authors and environmental activists.

"This new novel by ‘writing bishop’ Cathleen Bascom is a book you won’t want to put down! ... And for the sake of us all, it’s a book with a message that we can’t put down." –The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

Told by Brigid Brenchley—kind and quirky cathedral dean—Of Green Stuff Woven depicts a group of native gardeners who are restoring tallgrass prairie on land connected to their historic Episcopal cathedral in Des Moines, Iowa. They are approached by hotel developers and are caught between their passion for the prairie and their need for money to repair their crumbling cathedral. 

Of Green Stuff Woven has been widely praised by Elvin McDonald, Botanical Educator and Ambassador Emeritus of the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden and Honorary Member of the Garden Club of America, who says that "insights and revelations sprout up from every printed page" and author of Crude and Coming Alive: Action and Civil Disobedience, Taylor Brorby, who lauds the book saying, "In Of Green Stuff Woven, we understand what it means to be rooted in radical compassion beyond our own self-interests." 

Within the pages of this novel, Anglican spirituality’s creation care ministry challenges us all to examine the decisions we make in the stewardship of our land. It does this while taking readers on a humorous ecclesiastical romp and retaining realistic hope.

Learn more about Cathleen Bascom and Of Green Stuff Woven, visit lightmessages.com/cathleen-bascom

"Bursting with botanical piquancy, Of Green Stuff Woven is a novel about the relationship between humans, their environment, and the divine." – Foreword Reviews

Perhaps Cathleen's greatest endorsement and encouragement come from her husband, Tim Bascom—award-winning author of five books, including his spring title Climbing Lessons. Tim's collection of 40 playful, sometimes poignant, stories illustrate the special bond between fathers and sons. Learn more about Tim and Climbing Lessons at https://lightmessages.com/tim-bascom.

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