Please help us in welcoming our newest author to the Light Messages family. Amalie Jahn is the bestselling author of The Clay Lion.

Amalie's Light Messages book, The Next to Last Mistake, is a story of a precious friendship that overcomes disparities in race, creed, and socioeconomic status. When blond-haired blue-eyed Tess Goodwin moves with her family from Iowa to a military base in Fayetteville, NC, she’s paired with a black student mentor, Leonetta Jackson. Tess discovers a series of connective threads between them – their love of reading, hatred of bullies, and need for companionship – sparking a tentative friendship.

Amalie Jahn brings with her an author platform reaching nearly 50,000 readers. Building on her platform and the publisher's marketing plan, the Spring 2019 release of The Next to Last Mistake is expected to reach a wide audience of young readers with its crucial message for today's America.

"... a young adult masterpiece. The profound truths present in this book are subtly woven into a tale of adventure mixed with love. A must-read for anyone and everyone, but especially for those, young and old, who are coping with loss." - Starred Review of The Clay Lion, Reader's Favorite

Amalie has published several books on her own, including the The Clay Lion series, The Seven Prophesies series, and the stand-alond novel Let Them Burn Cake. Her debut novel, The Clay Lion, received both the Literary Classics Seal of Approval and the Readers' Favorite Gold Medal. She was a finalist in the 2015 Kindle Book Awards, and has been a TED speaker and a contributor to the Huffington Post and Southern Writers Magazine blogs. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children, and three extremely overfed cats.

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The Clay Lion

"What if you could go back in time to save the person you love the most?"

The rules are simple. If you want to travel back in time, you need to be at least eighteen years old. You can only travel within your own lifespan for a maximum of six months. And above all else, you must never, ever, change the past.

But that's exactly what Brooke Wallace plans to do.

As Brooke faces existence without her beloved brother, his life cut short by a rare disease, she can think of only one solution - travel back in time to prevent his death. However, her attempts at fixing the past challenge her to confront everything she believes to be true about herself. And ultimately, she is forced to discover whether or not we can ever truly be in charge of our own destiny.

*The Clay Lion was awarded the 2015 Kindle Book Review Awards (Young Adult), Gold Medal in the young adult science fiction category for the 2015 Readers' Favorite Book Awards, and the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

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