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by Charlotte Harris Rees

Courage Endurance Sacrifice 800

The Lives and Faith of Three Generations of Missionaries

Starting in 1875 and covering a span of almost 100 years, three missionary families exhibited bravery, endurance, and sacrifice when their very lives were at risk.

William David Powell and his wife, Mary Florence Mayberry Powell, were missionaries to “Wild West” Texas then Mexico.

In the period 1910-1947 (including during Japanese occupation) their daughter Florence and her husband, Hendon M. Harris, were missionaries to Kaifeng, China.

Their son Hendon M. Harris Jr. and his wife Marjorie Weaver Harris served as missionaries to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Referencing 55 books and 39 articles, this biography gives numerous firsthand accounts from all three families.

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Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, Retired Chief of the Asian Division, Library of Congress says that this text is “Rich in historical facts, this biographical work of three generations of missionary work in one family…vividly depicts the courage, endurance, and sacrifice of those pioneering missionary workers in faith. In this well-researched book the author offers a good picture of the true nature of missionary work...For readers interested in the modern history of China during the most turbulent period of its history this book provides useful insights.”

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