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  • Of Green Stuff Woven

    Of Green Stuff Woven

    by Cathleen Bascom   Around the globe, small bands of eco-activists are working to save one reef, one rain forest,
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  • Climbing Lessons

    Climbing Lessons

    by Tim Bascom When Doc Bascom tries to show his grade school sons how to climb a huge sycamore, he
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  • Saving Tuna Street

    Saving Tuna Street

    by Nancy Nau Sullivan   Blanche “Bang” Murninghan is a part-time journalist with writer’s block and a penchant for walking
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  • Dead Last

    Dead Last

    by Amanda Lamb Maddie Arnette traded in her hard-news crime reporting for softer, feel-good features after her husband’s death. But
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  • Wait


    by Rebecca Brewster Stevenson   Read a Sample on Overdrive What are you waiting for? Everyone has endured the endless
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  • Lethal Savage

    Lethal Savage

    by Dave Edlund Read a Sample on Overdrive "I would follow Peter Savage into any firefight." – James Rollins, New York
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  • The Ransom

    The Ransom

    by Nancy Boyarsky Read a Sample on Overdrive "Nicole Graves is the best fictional sleuth to come down the pike
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  • Behind These Hands

    Behind These Hands

    by Linda Vigen Phillips Read a Sample on Overdrive "a richly woven, unforgettable symphony of feelings and words" –Kirkus Reviews
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  • The Next to Last Mistake

    The Next to Last Mistake

    by Amalie Jahn   Read a Sample on Overdrive Tess Goodwin’s life in rural Iowa is sheltered and uncomplicated. Although
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  • Faith and Air: The Miracle List

    Faith and Air: The Miracle List

    by Scott Mason Read a Sample on Overdrive Faith and Air: The Miracle List offers a curious mix of humor
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  • Following the Red Bird

    Following the Red Bird

    by Kate Rademacher Listen to a Sample on AudibleRead a Sample on Overdrive   "Rademacher’s memoir is an honest portrayal
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  • A Saint in Graceland

    A Saint in Graceland

    The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning book A Sinner in Paradise! by Deborah Hining Read a Sample on Overdrive Grieving her
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by Nancy Boyarsky

"Nicole Graves is the best fictional sleuth to come down the pike since Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone." – Laura Levine, author of the popular Jaine Austen Mysteries

As a newly minted private investigator, Nicole Graves expects to take on legal cases for corporate clients. But when her client’s son, Brad Rexton, is killed trying to protect his wife, Ashley, from a home invasion-turned-kidnapping, the firm is hired to investigate. Nicole soon discovers that Ashley is not the person she claims to be, but her real identity remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, a long-delayed and undesired inheritance is finally deposited into Nicole’s bank account. Within a few days, someone dear to Nicole is kidnapped in the same manner as Ashley. The perpetrators demand Nicole’s full inheritance as ransom. She’s willing to hand the money over but finds it’s not so easy. The kidnappers have an uncanny ability to track her every move, and they suspect a trap. When their most terrifying threat is delivered to her door, Nicole is faced with a terrible choice: Should she count on the police or risk going it alone?

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