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by Rebecca Brewster Stevenson


What are you waiting for?

Everyone has endured the endless traffic light, the queue that goes nowhere, the elevator music piped through the phone line. But what of those periods in your life when everything seems on hold? When you can't do the next thing in your professional or personal life because you can't get to it?

Waiting—be it for health, a life partner, a child, a job—can be an agony. The persistently unrealized goal feels like an endless road. And hope's constant deferment can be exhausting. A firm answer against the thing you're hoping for—"no"—might be easier than this constant lack of closure. It might be easier to give it up.

But what if waiting means to be something else? Waiting doesn't have to mean idleness. Our prolonged state of need might teach us to look beyond the desired goal to something infinitely better. We find lessons on this throughout the Bible and, if we are paying attention, in our own lives.

Rather than fostering frustration, periods of waiting might have great truths to tell us. It might show us that hope is worthwhile. Waiting might even be a gift in and of itself. 

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Praise for Wait

"Rebecca Brewster Stevenson's writing is consistently powerful, complex, honest, and hopeful."
–Andy Crouch, author, Culture Making and The Tech-Wise Family

"Rebecca Brewster Stevenson’s book Wait offers a soulful mix of pastoral care and wise direction for all of us who are learning to wait on God through difficult circumstances. She weaves her own story with narratives from Scripture and testimonies of others in a way that validates our struggles, and also calls us to deeper trust in Jesus. Each chapter leads to increasingly mature reflection on persevering prayer. Read this book with a heart open to God, and you will find encouragement in your journey of growth through suffering."
–Jason Jenson, Director of Spiritual Formation and Theology at Intervarsity.

"Rebecca Brewster Stevenson’s writing is achingly beautiful... with its compelling vision and practical wisdom, this is a book in which substance meets—even surpasses—style."
–Karen Swallow Prior, author of On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books and Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More—Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist

"Rebecca Stevenson makes peace with waiting and lyrically guides us through poignant Scriptural insights into the vocation of patiently waiting and trusting the God who works in such worthwhile ways in that space."
–Jay Thomas, Lead Pastor at Chapel Hill Bible Church


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