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Deborah Hining

DeborahHining2016400Deborah Hining is a firm believer in adventure and following the winding, sometimes messy paths that unfold before us. Before becoming an author, she has followed those paths to be a wife, mother, grandmother, and also actress, award-winning playwright, theatrical director, college instructor, and Certified Financial Planner (or as she calls it, Financial Fairy Godmother.)

Today, Deborah lives at Corinne's Orchard, a small farm in Durham County, North Carolina, where she is surrounded by colorful, creative characters both real and fictitious. You can find her most days working in one of the gardens, writing, chasing her grandchildren, and generally giving thanks for her abundant life.

Deborah is the bestselling author of several books, including A Sinner in Paradise , A Saint in Graceland, and her latest In the Midst of Innocence.


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