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Rebecca Brewster Stevenson

RBStevenson HeadshotRebecca Brewster Stevenson is a native of Pittsburgh. She has a master’s degree from Duke University and currently lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband and three children. Healing Maddie Brees is her first novel, though she has been writing for most of her life. Rebecca's beautifully crafted personal essays on her blog "Small Hours" at rebeccabrewsterstevenson.com have earned her a strong audience of readers who enjoy her explorations of themes relating to family, marriage, faith, healing, writing, language, literature, and film.

In her novel HEALING MADDIE BREES, Rebecca asks the question: How do our bodies--in disease, healing, marriage, brokenness--reflect the state of our souls, particularly within the union called marriage?

Rebecca's writing has been called "exquisite" (Stephen Chbosky), “thought-provoking” (Barbara Claypole White), and “gorgeous” (Kirkus Reviews).

Readers who enjoy literary fiction from authors such as Marilynne Robinson, Julie Cantrell, Niall Williams, Celeste Ng, Jan Ellison, William Kent Krueger, Susan Meissner, and Karen Jay Fowler will appreciate Rebecca’s rich prose and brave questions.

Rebecca is currently working on her second novel Church and Main.

To connect with Rebecca, visit her at rebeccabrewsterstevenson.com.


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